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Parents and teachers are the immediate guides of children and students. At SM All Saints, an association was form to efficience the guiding of both children and students. The association was established under the Malaysian Education Act 1996, and is called the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of SM All Saints. Under that Act, the PTA is allowed to have aims and functions in ways that would otherwise be difficult without obliging guidelines of Malaysia's Registrar of Society (RoS).

For 2019/2020, the lineup are as follows;

Position Name
Pengerusi : Encik Misek Umbaris
Naib Pengerusi : Encik Norman Sani
Penasihat : Dr Mary Gambidau
Setiausaha :
Naib Setiausaha :
Bendahari :
Naib Bendahari :
Juru-Audit : Encik Jaibit Jaudin
Ahli Jawatankuasa : :
: :
: :

1. The Aims of All Saints School PTA

All Saints School PTA aims to;

  • establish a forum and service for the welfare and development of SM All Saints School students
  • assist and increase the effort of the school to fulfil the materialistic need of the students in their activities
  • enable parents and teachers exchange ideas and information pertaining to education
  • enable parents and teacher to discuss and negotiate with each other on ways of improving the level of education of the students
  • enable parents to help with the financial commitment for the purpose of improving teaching and learning

2. The Functions of All Saints School PTA

With PTA's five (5) aims, the All Saints School PTA function to;

  • assist and develop the development and wellbeing of students
  • Increase the financial resources of All Saints school for the purpose of increasing and improving education facilities of the school
  • Prepare a communication channel and relationship between the school community with the surrounding local community, and to increase the harmony
  • Increase the liveness of the All Saints school premise so that a conducive environment for the success of education activities and programme can be successfully created

The All Saints School has been providing quality for the past 115 years, and would continue to do so for the betterment of the people of Sabah (formally known as North Borneo).


Jalan Teluk Likas,
88400 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.

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